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Media Consumption and Shrieking; Together

Just another blog serving you varying sizes of commentary, shrieking, and nonsense.

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Recent Posts:

10 horror recommendations for Spooky Season ’22

It is that wonderful time of year. The air is cool, the leaves are turning, and the time to consume absorbent amounts of ghoulish media has arrived! Now, this year has been an incredible year for horror. Not only have fan-favorite series returned, but we’ve also seen a good amount of original horror releases come […]

My favorite 2021 released films

With everything going on in the world, I am grateful for the constant influx of incredible art that we have been able to receive. If anything, I think these last few years have shown the astonishing resilience of the mind and, most of all, the soul.  To celebrate these creatives, I have compiled a list […]

My top 5 favorite horror movies that I watched this spooky season

I watched 68 horror/horror adjacent films this October and from that list, I have narrowed down my favorite first watches. The Innocents (1961) I have seen a few adaptations of Henry James’ The Turning of the Screw and this version along with Mike Flanagan’s Bly Manor are among my favorites.  THE INNOCENTS, isolates you and […]

Horror media to get you through the Halloween Season!

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and yes, by that I mean SPOOKY SEASON! There is nothing better than filling this month with fear, guts, and nightmares. But, what to watch? Well, that is always a struggle for horror fans and horror-toe dippers, so I wanted to share a list of some […]


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